Joel Robinson - Idaho House District 16A Republican Candidate

About Joel Robinson

 I came to Idaho in 1995 from Florida to work for Hewlett Packard.  Since then I have worked with several local high tech companies in Idaho and Utah as a software test engineer.  

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Family Values:

My wife Brenda and I both grew up in rural Ohio settings.  Her dad was a turkey farmer and truck driver.  My dad was a Presbyterian pastor and my mother taught school.   We have been married 39 years and have two sons and five grandchildren. Brenda loves to garden and works part-time in a plant nursery. We are pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty.  We cherish our freedoms and honor those who preserve these freedoms via military or government service.

Servant Leadership Values:

I believe that to truly serve, one must be a servant.  The reason I volunteered for many charities like the Boise police, POW/MIA, and various churches was to help people.  I have served as a volunteer chaplain to several organizations, and listened to many people whose lives, hearts, and minds have been broken by circumstances, by poor choices, and by others. By serving as an Idaho Senator I hope to help Idaho's forgotten people.



I believe in education. I earned a BS degree in Computer Science.  Then I went to night schools and earned two more degrees, a master’s degrees in Computer Science and Master’s in Business Administration. I have been learning American Sign Language. I also speak a little Spanish. 

Work Experience:

I know a bit about taxes and regulations. I have owned and operated several small businesses, including rental properties in Idaho, Florida, and Ohio.  I have held software engineering positions at electric utilities, defense facilities, and government research labs.  I like what I do, keeping complicated computer systems humming to serve the customers. As a quality engineer I am interested in the details of making sure things work properly.  I hope to do my part to make the Idaho legislature work smoothly to serve the public good.

Community Involvement & Experience:

I have volunteered and joined with several local non-profits.  I am volunteer chaplain, trained in crisis counseling.  Other past volunteer activities include: 

Boise Civilian Police Academy

Boise Valley Chordsmen (Barbershop Singers)

Boise Valley POW MIA organization.  (board member & chaplain)

Christian Motorcyclists Association (board member & chaplain)

Idaho Association of the Deaf (hearing member)

Southern Idaho Software Quality Assurance User’s Group (board member/president)

Various churches 

What We Have In Common:

I enjoy recreational activities like skiing, snowboarding, hunting, camping, dirt-biking, motorcycling and most of all, playing with the grandkids.  

 How Can I Help You:

What is the one thing you would like me to do for you? I don’t have all the answers.  write me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        

Text 208 602 8478          Home 208 331 8478 


I work a regular engineering job.  I am neither wealthy nor blessed with rich donors.  To make changes in Idaho we all need to help.  Every donated penny is pinched as hard as I can manage. My biggest expenses are simple things like stamps, paper, envelopes, and flyers; toner cartridges for printing flyers; and yard signs and advertisements.  I am paying for most of my campaign out of savings. 

You have probably never donated to an election before.  I understand the feeling of not wanting to get involved. I was cautious too.  I promise to do my best to uphold your trust.  I will never sell your name.  I will be careful with every dime donated.  If you donate here is what I could do with your money:

Like my signs?  Like my message?

For $50 donation you can sponsor a full set of limerick signs.

And after the election I will deliver them  to you to keep.

Call me for details 208-602-8478

How about just a $10 donation?  $10 will buy me a new paint brush

$15 buys a quart of oil-based paint.

Every bit helps. 



Or by sending a check directly to: 

“Committee to Elect Joel Robinson”
5019 W. Redbridge Court
Boise, ID, 83703

Questions? Suggestions? Want to help?   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Text my cell 602-8478 or call me.


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